September 20, 2009

Cooking Inspiration Part 2!

A couple of months ago I wrote about Cooking Inspiration after Reading Julie and Julia (which as a sidenote... I saw the movie in August and loved it... so fun to see Julia Child's life on the screen!)

I still have been having lots of fun baking. I bought a Dessert decorator pro to help make my baking a little more fun! So far I have made several batches of cupcakes for work, my Youth and Bible Study. And I got to help make lots of yummy desserts to celebrate Erin's parents 30th Anniversary!

Any my baking and cooking is about to get a little more fun. Yesterday Erin came over to see my new apartment and brought a sweet gift with her:

I now have my very own apron!!! I am so excited about this gift and it definitely makes me want to get in the kitchen more!! (just a sidenote as well... Erin got this apron from one of our College friend, April's, Etsy store! She sews handmade aprons, purses, dresses, etc. and they are ADORABLE!)

I know this apron will come in handy as I get ready for all of my fall baking!! Thanks sweet friend!!


Nicki and Mathis said...

awwww!! that is sooooo sweet of erin! love it -- i have seen april's shop. lots of cute things!

erin m said...

aren't you glad my impatience didn't let me wait until christmas? haha. glad you like it!