July 26, 2009

along for the ride

Right now, I am on vacation in Galveston with my mom and my brother and so far it has been a great trip. We spent a day at the waterpark and a day laying at the beach (I have some very weird tan lines.. my leg has 2 red stripes and then a white one and the other has a patch of red even though I was very careful about how I applied sunscreen... hmmm)

But I have to say one of my favorite things so far has been being able to exercise by the beach! Both mornings I have gotten up and gone on a long walk/jog along the seawall and it has been such a nice change of scenery. And all week I have been wanting to ride a bike... I think it's a combination of several things...

1. One of the books I brought with me this week (which happens to be called along for the ride) talks a lot about bike riding

2. As I went on my walks there have been several people out biking


3. I haven't riden a bike in a very long time and I have been wanting to for a while

So this afternoon I rented a bike and rode along the Seawall... and I felt like I was a kid again! I haven't had a bike since I was probably in middle school and I've thought about getting one, but know I would not use it enough. Although I did see someone this morning with a beagle running alongside their bike like this:
... and if I could teach Allie to do that I might reconsider ;)
But it has been a great weekend and I have enjoyed being away for a little while. Tonight we are ordering pizza and staying in to relax!