April 30, 2016

April Save the Date

Can't believe another month has come and gone!  We've been busy around here with foster care trainings, kids' activities, a broken pool pump, storms, work, and every day life.  But we found some opportunities for a few fun dates along the way.

The first weekend in April our church hosted a "drive thru date night" where you came up to the church and got a bag of coupons and questions for a local date.  They also offered childcare that night.  We took advantage of the childcare to have a double date with our friends Lucas and Yali at their new house!  They just had a house built not too far from the church, but we hadn't been able to get out there yet.  They made us dinner and it was fun to see where they are getting settled.  So grateful for these sweet friends.

The second weekend in April we went to a conference at our church so my mom kept the kids.  We spent all day Saturday at the conference and then we went and did some shopping and went to dinner at BJs which is a favorite of ours

 We spent a Friday night on the rocking chairs in our front yard.  Spring evenings can be so beautiful, so after we put the kids to bed that night, we took our chairs out near the yard and talked.  We went through several of the questions from our church's Save the Date emails that we hadn't talked about and caught up on how we're doing.

We also had a Wii game date night.  We play Wii Fit together a lot, but it's been a while since we've played any other games.  So we played a few rounds of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and then a round of Mario Party.  I always forget how long Mario Party takes until I am playing it, but it was a fun night with my hubby!

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