January 5, 2014

Ocean Sunrise

This past weekend I headed to Galveston with my friend Amy.  She had been wanting to go to the beach for a while and invited me to come along.  We had a spiritual retreat of sorts--Friday we drove down and sat on the beach for a while (although it was really cold!) and spent some time in the Word and other books.  We grabbed lunch downtown and then spent some more time reading by the ocean before a relaxing night in our hotel room :)

Saturday morning we decided to get up for sunrise over the ocean and I am so glad we did.  Pictures can never capture the true beauty of it, but here's a few glimpses

After sunrise we grabbed breakfast and spent more time down by the beach for an extended quiet time (it was much warmer and nicer yesterday!).  Then we headed back home yesterday afternoon

It was a great overnight getaway!

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