June 26, 2010

Saturday: Spending, Saving and Sales

It has been a busy Saturday for me! This morning I woke up to take Allie for what was planned to be a short walk, but halfway through I got a text saying my Bible Study was cancelled... so we walked 5 miles before heading home!! Then I gave her a bath and got ready to run some errands.

I started my morning out with a pedicure that I had a gift certificate for (read that... FREE pedicure--what could be better?!) Then I headed to do some shoe shopping. As of yesterday I have reached my next 10 pounds lost (so I have lost 30 pounds since January 1) and my reward for that was I got to buy new shoes.

I was needing some new casual but somewhat nice sandals that I can wear to work to get me through the summer. So I went to DSW first and walked around for a long time and found absolutely nothing.

Disappointed I decided to head home and try again another time... but then I saw the Payless across the street, and even though I usually can't find good things at Payless I figured I'd at least try.

So glad I did.

Payless was having a huge sale where about 50% of their shoes were only $7, $9, or $11. So I bought 5 pairs of shoes... for less than $50!

Here is what I got (minus one pair that I couldn't find the picture of online):

(And yes, the pair in the top Left corner is the same thing as the pair in the bottom Right corner, just a different color... what can I say, they were comfortable, cute and only $9! I saw the purple first and got them... but I really needed black sandals too and those were the best I found)

Then I headed on my way to do some grocery shopping. I decided to start here:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Aldi... it is AMAZING. They have a limited selection of things, but it all at a GREAT price. I got lots of fresh fruits and veggies, cheeses and meats and a few necessities and when she rang up my price I really couldn't believe how low it was!

Then I headed to Kroger to get a few things they don't have at Aldi, but stuck mostly to things I had coupons for and I got out of there without spending too much as well!

It was a great and busy Saturday full of shopping and sales... what a perfect day! :)

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