December 1, 2009

A Humble Heart

I am so blessed. Today is my birthday and I have been beyond blessed by my friends, family and co-workers. Even though being an adult makes birthdays not quite as fun I mean it was really just a normal Tuesday... I worked out, I went to work (which PS apparently, my company used to give everyone their birthday off... how amazing is that?), I went to my BSF leaders' meeting. But it was nice to get sweet messages throughout the day from people!

And I got some wonderful gifts as well! When I visited Nicki in VA earlier this fall I got my birthday present early... she gave me a Holiday Dessert Cookbook and a Pampered Chef Scoop (which btw I will be using tomorrow to make Red Velvet Cake Balls for Thursday night's BSF!) And tonight after leaders' meeting, Erin gave me some really cute jewelry! She said it best when she said that jewelry is always a fun gift because we're not as likely to buy it for ourselves... I totally agree and I am excited to wear it!

And tonight I grabbed a quick dinner with Mama Reed before BSF and she gave me my gift... the Creche for the Willow Tree Nativity!! I love Willow Tree angels and received the basic Nativity from her a few years ago for my birthday and have been wanting other pieces to build it... but I have especially had my eye on the Creche so I was very excited to get it! Once I got home tonight I was unloading it to put up and was reading through the insert that came with it and I wanted to share because it touched me...

The new Willow Tree Creche is more than just a backdrop for the Nativity collection. While its simple architecture is in keeping with the overall Willow Tree look, the Creche has meaning built into its very design. The artist gave this piece a regal, stately appearance, yet chose to make it from the humble materials of barn wood and nails. This mirrors the belief of Christ's holiness and humanity. The structure's proportions also suggest the size and shape of the cross, while its rusty nails foretell the crucifixion. The Creche intimately shelters the Holy Family, then opens wide to welcome shepherds and travelers from afar who came to praise the newborn son.

I want to approach this season with a humbled heart. A heart that is humbled by His love and grace. A heart that is changed by His mercy. A heart that is fully aware of the true reason behind Christmas... that a baby was born to bring Light into our darkness and still today Jesus brings light to us. And that He was born for the purpose of dying to save me. I want my life to reflect this grace and to be an offering to Him instead of continuing to chase the things that I want.

I am humbled and in awe of His love and mercy and want the to be shown in every aspect of my life

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Nicki and Mathis said...

yay! I'm glad you had a good day!! :) I LOVE the creche! I don't have it yet either -- it looks great, Laura!!! :)