September 11, 2008

Updated Color

So I decided to redo my blog a little bit. I absolutely love the song that the new header comes from and I was listening to it in the car the other day I realized how much I cherish this thought: God loves me, and He picks up the pieces of my broken heart, but he doesn't just heal me, He lets me dance. I've been through seasons in my life where I cried out for healing--for just a glimpse of His grace and hope. And looking back over the last year I see how far He has brought me--things that probably aren't evident to anyone else, but the changes in my heart and my soul are like night and day. And I bask in the thought knowing that God has brought me here.

Knowing that out of the brokenness in my life He has made me whole. But He didn't just pick up the pieces and leave me to continue healing--He picked me up out of the pit and He lets me dance through this world. To me, it's just a beautiful picture of His grace...

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