January 30, 2017

My current Photography Subject

So I mentioned that I have been getting to know our new camera and all of it's settings.  I've gone through several lessons in the blog series that I mentioned and have learned a lot so far!  I've taken lots of pictures of our house and different set ups.  And I am trying to learn the different settings before Cooper is here so we can get good pictures of him.

But until then, we have our tried and true subject: Lily.
It's been fun playing with the shutter speed setting to try to get good action shots of Lily.  We took her out the play in the backyard yesterday and I showed David some of the different modes

 I love the ones where you can see her leaping into the air as she runs!
And she gets bored of chasing a ball really quick and resorts to just chewing on sticks for the rest of her time outside

Our loyal sidekick

And then we went inside.  This is how we find Lily 95% of the time, curled up next to us asleep.  I tried a few pictures without the flash, but the color was off since it was getting dark outside.

So then I turned on the flash...
 And this is what Lily thought about that.  She was asleep when I hit the button to focus and take the picture, but as soon as the flash went off she looked up wondering who had disturbed her.

And then quickly curled back up and stayed by David's side the rest of the evening!

It's been learning all the settings on our camera and I still have a lot to learn.  Next project is trying to capture good pictures of the nursery so I can share those soon!

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