April 22, 2012

Life with Lily

So life has been busy, but the same if that makes any sense.  Days are spent working, evenings spent catching up with friends and with the 20s group.  Weekends filled with retreats, family time, church and more 20s stuff.

The last few weeks have been absolutely beautiful here and I have had some great time hanging out with people.

And always by my side and here to come home to is my Lily.  This weekend has been busy for Lily.  She's gotten some long walks.  Yesterday I took her to the vet to get all of her shots done and to get her nails trimmed.  I tried really hard to cut her nails at home, but after spending an entire hour trying and having her yank her paws away, I was so scared I was going to cut too close so I gave up.  She was not a fan of the vet tech cutting her nails yesterday either.  My sweet-natured dog actually tried to bite him!  So I had to hold her face and calm her down to get it done.

While we were waiting at the vet, there was craziness of dogs around barking and trying to run around and of course Lily just sat right by my side.  I got the comment that I usually get when we are out "your dog is well-behaved."  

Trust me people, it has nothing to do with me.  She came to me calm (for the most part) and willing to just hang out by my side, especially when surrounded by people.

But here is proof that she is not always the best listener:

I'm pretty sure what I am saying is "sit down!"  See how well she listened?  But look at that happy face.  I just love her.  And I am so grateful for her

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