March 25, 2012

Days 22-25: Weekend Fun

Day 22: I was not going to take a picture of my kitchen sink, sorry.

Day 23:  Moon
I really tried on this one.  Friday night I left to spend the weekend at Pine Cove for our 20s group work crew weekend.  So I thought it would be a perfect setting to take a picture of the moon.  Except I never saw the moon.  We laid out by the lake that night and looked at stars, but the moon never made it over the tree line while we were out.

Day 24: Animal
It would be tempting to put up a picture of all the bugs we experience on Saturday, but I did not take one because they are disgusting.  But the bugs were out in full-force...mainly around and attached to all the doors to get into the buildings.  But Saturday was a great day full of devotionals, games, my first frisbee golf game in several years (any guesses on how that turned out?  I. am. terrible.), another trip to the lake, and serving meals.

And it was completed by receiving this picture of my favorite animal who was staying at "Grandma's"

Day 25: Breakfast
Breakfast is the only meal we served today before packing up and heading out.  So here is some of our team hard at work plating the breakfast for today (french toast and bacon).  

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amy said...

The moonset was at about 9:30 pm. It was pretty gorgeous - all crescenty with earthshine, right next to Venus and Jupiter.