June 11, 2011

Away from My Desk

I know I have been a little MIA in the blog world. Not much has been going on with me lately... just working trying to keep up with an increasing caseload and preparing for a week off. Yesterday I was able to tie up quite a few loose ends and leave fairly close to quitting time. I left without any stacks on my desk, no messages or emails to attend to, all notes and files finished from everything I've done this month. I know when I return to work there will be new stacks waiting for me, but it felt really good yesterday to record my out of office greeting--

Because for the next week I will be with this amazing group....
Sharing the love of Jesus with some kids who desperately need to hear that He cares for them. Enjoying game nights, bus rides, songs, lots of chatting, laughing until we cry and some un-expected surprises I'm sure.

And probably even a little bit of this...

(from last year's mission trip, this is some of my girls' favorite picture of me that they now like to include in every slide show)

I'm very much looking forward to a week away from my desk, focusing on something different, being exhausted, but getting re-energized.

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