November 16, 2010

Erin and Laura watch some Baylor Football

So I have said before that I am a big fan of going to football games on Fall weekends. I grew up spending all Fall at the stadium and love the opportunities I get to watch games. This season has been a fairly exciting one for my Baylor Bears. The most exciting part for me hasn't necessarily been the wins (though those are great!) but the fact that our games have actually been on TV! I love spending Saturday afternoon or evening watching Baylor Football. So when my friend, Courtney organized a trip to Waco for the Baylor/A&M game I knew I wanted to be there!

We got into Waco Saturday afternoon and were able to spend some time on campus and at the Spirit Shop before heading to the stadium. After getting some dinner, Erin and I found our way to the stands and posed for some pictures :)

Erin was very excited to Sic 'em! :) We even had half of the game where we were really excited about the score, and we just won't talk about the other half!
Sweet Courtney is always waiting for her appearance in the "Erin & Laura go..." series. It was so fun to get to spend time with her this weekend.

We had a great time going back and enjoying the game! And I look forward to cheering on my Bears this weekend against OU--from my living room.

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