May 24, 2010

A Year Later

So... a year ago I made this post about Graduation, my Mazda Tribute and the repairs that my tribute was getting for its 2nd birthday.

Well I know it's about 12 days too late, but yesterday Mazda Tribute got a present for it's 3rd birthday... I went through my mail at Mama Reed's house yesterday and there was a letter from the Mazda corporation saying that they have noticed a problem with the transmission cooler '08 Tributes. Basically they are finding that after being driven for a certain amount of time, there is too much pressure and it is causing cracks in the transmission cooler. So they are letting everyone know so they can take their cars in to be inspected and fixed for free if needed.

Me however? I paid for that a year ago on Mazda Tribute's 2nd birthday... so I get to apply to be reimbursed for EVERYTHING I paid last year.

I love when money seems to appear out of nowhere ;) (but it is money that I had to pay for something I shouldn't have had to have fixed...)

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erin m said...

oh my gosh! that's amazing!! what a blessing :)