January 23, 2010

Allie's Adventures (Again)

So we have had quite a week. It has been a very busy month so far. And this week was by far the busiest. I worked late every night and my poor Allie was a bit neglected. And it finally caught up to us on Thursday when I had work and then Bible Study and she was locked up all day and most of night. She decided she didn't need to sleep at all that night... seriously she did not lay down until 5:30 Friday morning.... but I couldn't really blame her...

So Friday when I got home from work it was a beautiful afternoon so I decided we definitely needed to get out to the park for a nice long walk! I always feel much better after walking and she does too!! So we walked 5 miles yesterday (some people think that's too much for the little pug face... I promise it's not. In fact the following story should show that...)

So we walked around the park and then at the end of our walk we go into one of the neighborhoods. And as we were 2 houses from the main road heading back to our car (so after about 4.75 miles of walking) Allie somehow pulled her leader off and was a free dog. Now most dogs? No big deal. Allie however does not come... ever. We've worked on it and worked on it and worked on it, and for the most part she does well... she'll even come when she's across the backyard. But on the rare occasions that she gets out in the open (which I coincidentally had just been thinking yesterday morning that it had been almost a year since she had run away last) there is no hope of her coming.

So after we had walked for almost 5 miles, Allie proceeded to sprint around a couple of yards for almost 20 minutes (I know I have absolutely no control over my dog... it's pathetic). Did I mention we were 2 houses down from a 4 lane road? Yeah...we were and she kept running toward it and freaking me out. So how did I finally get her back? Well a nice old man was walking by with his dog and he tried to help me chase her and as soon as he went toward her, Allie ran into my arms...

...Guess I just always need to make sure there are strangers around on our walks...

Oh Allie... luckily the adventure wore her out and she has been sleeping pretty much since we got home last night.

Oh the life of a puppy

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