June 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

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What we're eating this week
Pulled Pork!  We had some friends over Sunday evening to celebrate David's birthday and he requested BBQ Pulled Pork.  I found this recipe last year and I've made it several times and it is always a big hit.  In fact when our friend Matt got to our house Sunday he asked if I'd made my "famous pulled pork."  It's so easy to make and it feeds a lot of people.  We had it Sunday with Buns as well as Chips and Queso for nachos.  It makes a lot of pulled pork and we have a lot left.  Usually I just freeze the leftovers, but I thought before I did that I'd try out a few new recipes using it.  So we are having Pulled Pork Quesadillas and BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza for dinner this week.

What I'm reminiscing about
David turned 30 on Sunday, so on our date Saturday night I was asking him some reflection questions.  So we talked about things we were glad we did in our 20s as well as what we're hoping for in our 30s.  My 30th year has come and gone, but it was still fun reminiscing about college, Young Adults Group, and early married life.

What I'm loving
Our new car!
Saturday we bought a 2016 Nissan Pathfinder and we are loving it.  We decided to go ahead and trade in David's Explorer since it has seemed to be on its transmission has been on it's last leg for a while.  We found a great deal on this Pathfinder and it was an extra bonus that it is BLUE because that's exactly what I wanted.  It's so fun having a new-to-us car.  And I'm enjoying driving it around during the week.

What we've been up to
Car Shopping and Birthday Celebrating took up our weekend.  Then Monday I listed our dining room table on a Facebook garage sale site and someone bought and picked it up that night.  And we had a new one delivered last night!  We loved our table, but with starting to focus more on family dinners we were looking for something more kid friendly.  Our table was great for big groups and games, but with the tall chairs it was not the safest for little kids.  So I'd been looking online and found a guy who makes Farmhouse style tables and we got a good deal on a table and 2 benches.  So we sold our old table to get this one set up.  Looking forward to lots of years of memories around this table.

What I'm dreading
The continuation of the summer heat!  Luckily we've had some rain to cool things off this past week, but I know we've still got a few months of heat ahead of us and it just makes it so hard to get outside and do anything.

What I'm working on
I'm throwing a baby shower for my friend Yali next month, so I have been busy working on that.  I designed and sent out invitations this week, so now I'm working on decorations as well as a few gifts for her baby boy!

What I'm excited about
Redecorating our Dining Room.  I've got a few plans to go along with our new table, so I'll be sure to share once I get it figured out!

What I'm watching/reading
I have book club on Friday and this is the book our friend chose, so I finished it yesterday.  I actually had read it a few years ago, so it was easy to go through it again and remember all of the little details.

Otherwise, I'm still working on the same books from last month :)

What I'm listening to
Nothing new really.  I've been listening to more of the Risen Motherhood podcast that I mentioned last time.  I've gone back and listened to several older episodes and am making my way through all of them.  They are a perfect thing to listen to during Cooper's feedings!

What I'm wearing
Still a lot of yoga pants and tank tops around the house.  I did recently get my first Lularoe Carly and I am loving it so much.  It's so comfortable and versatile.  Mine is a coral color and I just love it so I'm wearing it a lot right now too!

What I'm doing this weekend
We are heading to Oklahoma to see some of David's family!  It is Cooper's first out of state trip and we are excited for a long weekend with family.

What I'm looking forward to next month
Cooper's first 4th of July, our anniversary, and Yali's baby shower!  We are also discussing taking Cooper to his first Ranger's Game, so we'll see if we decide to try that out!

What else is new
Well, I couldn't leave here without some picture of Cooper, right?  So here he is trying out his high chair for the first time!  We usually eat dinner at our coffee table and just have him in the bouncy seat with us, but last night we had our first dinner at our new table, so I set up his high chair so he had somewhere to sit with us.

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